Crowdfunding "Hong Kong 20/20: an Anthology by PEN Hong Kong"

PEN Hong Kong has launched a crowd-funding campaign to publish a two-volume anthology to mark the 20th anniversary of the Handover.

The anthology, in partnership with Blacksmith Books​, will be a collection of short fiction, essays, poetry and cartoons by some of the city's best literary and creative minds, each offering a unique voice on a specific aspect of the city’s post-1997 development.

Our line-up of esteemed contributors include:
- student activist Joshua Wong​ (黃之鋒)
- opinion leader Chip Tsao​ (陶傑)
- veteran politician Margaret Ng (吳靄儀 )
- critically acclaimed novelist Xu Xi​ (許素細)
- celebrated cartoonist Harry Harrison
- award-winning poets Nicholas Wong​ (黃裕邦) and Sarah Howe​
- multiple award winning journalists and writers Stephen Vines, Ilaria Maria Zucchina​ and Vaudine England
...and so many more. We believe it will be a definitive compendium that endures the test of time.

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