Reporters Without Borders

Hong Kong Press Freedom World Ranking falls another 4, to #73

28 April 2017

After reporting earlier this month that the group had decided against opening its Asia bureau in Hong Kong, opting instead for Taipei, Reporters Without Borders reveals its World Press Freedom Index for 2017, showing Hong Kong down another 4 slots from its 2016 rank, from 69 to 73. In deciding against Hong Kong, the director pointed to "a lack of legal certainty for our entity and activities." Visit the Hong Kong country page on their website for their description and reports about Hong Kong.

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Southern Hill

The Southern Hill Project - China's Campaign Against Hong Kong's Independent Publishing

1 February 2017

The disappearance of the five men linked to the Causeway Bay Book Store was not a one-off event. Instead, it is only one prominent case in a decades long evolving campaign by Chinese authorities to target Hong Kong's independent publishing. This report reveals the history of this official policy, who is in charge, and which provinces, ministries and bureaus are involved.

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Mei Fong

Mei Fong: The Last Book Seller

29 January 2017

"We must be free to read, if we are to be free to think." Author of the acclaimed book One Child writes about her struggles to publish her book about China's one-child policy in Chinese, and why she finally decided to fund and distribute the translated book herself.

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Writing On the Wall


PEN International Takes Action on Hong Kong

Visit our parent organization's website for international efforts to highlight issues relevant to Hong Kong

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Writing On the Wall

Writing on the Wall: Disappeared Booksellers and Free Expression in Hong Kong

Released: 5 November 2016 in Hong Kong

This report provides a comprehensive account of the disappearance of five Hong Kong booksellers in late 2015, and gives special attention to the worrying cases of booksellers Gui Minhai and Lee Bo. This unprecedented action reflects a dangerous escalation of China's tactics to silence dissidents even beyond its borders. Available as a pdf.

See video of the Hong Kong Literary Festival event of the report's launch, co-hosted by PEN Hong Kong.

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Darkened Screen

Darkened Screen: Contraints on Foreign Journalists in China

Released: 22 September 2016

This report details how the Chinese government is slowly suffocating the foreign press. Visit PEN America's website to learn more. It is also available for download as a pdf document.

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Threatened Harbor

THREATENED HARBOR: Encroachments on Press Freedom in Hong Kong

Released: 16 January 2015

The deterioration of press freedom has accelerated over the past year in Hong Kong, coinciding with a period of rising political tension. This report brings together news reports, first-person commentary, and legal precedent to expose the shrinking environment for free expression in the territory as it marks more than 17 years under mainland Chinese control.

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Darkened Screen

The PEN Report: Creativity and Contraint in Today's China

Released: 3 May 2013

The culmination of five years of collaborative research among PEN members inside and outside of China, the report is a frank assessment of the climate of freedom of expression in the world’s most populous state. It also provides first-hand accounts of life under the weight of Chinese censorship through personal essays by 10 of China’s leading dissident writers.

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